Voting disk manages node membership information and it is used by Cluster synchronization services demon (CSSD).

Backing up Voting Disks:-
Run the below command to back up the voting disk.
$ dd if=voting_disk_name of=backup_file_name
$ dd if=voting_disk_name of=backup_file_name bs=4k

Recovering Voting Disks:-
Run the below command to recover a voting disk
$ dd if=backup_file_name of=voting_disk_name

You can change the Voting Disk Configuration dynamically after the installation.
Please note that you need to run the command as “root”.

Run the below command to add a voting disk:
# crsctl add css votedisk_path

You can have upto 32 Voting disks.

Run the following command to remove a voting disk:
# crsctl delete css votedisk_path